50mm Diorama (Unit) Washer - 4 count


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  • These Diorama (Unit) Washers come in a set of 4 50mm high-quality, plastic washers.
  • The 50mm Unit Washer has an interior diameter of is 51.5mm (exterior diameter is 61.5mm) 

Custom Unit Washers* for use within our patent pending Modular Display and Storage Tray System** for use with hobby miniatures and models.

These Unit Washers have been designed to give you the ultimate flexibility in arranging the TABLEWAR(TM) DESIGNS Unit Tray or Diorama Tray. Mix and match them with other sized Unit Washers. Arrange them, secure the, use them. 

You may attach them to a plastic or a metalic surface. Your hobby minatures and models sit within the interior of these washers.


* US Patent Pending

** US Patent Pending